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Classroom coaching for teachers

to strengthen their practice,

impact engagement

and increase literacy achievement. 

Amanda Sutera

Most teachers are amazing at what they do but need

more support to exceed literacy expectations. 


waste time and money on ad hoc professional learning to build teacher capacity, without working towards a clear, collective literacy goal

feel the pressure to improve literacy outcomes, but you're unsure where to place your attention to because you're wearing too

many hats

question your leadership and ability to support your teachers-

if they can't reach their full potential, neither can the students

teaching is hard, but supporting your teachers doesn't have to be

Classroom teachers, I know what it’s like to feel uncertain and unsure when you’re left to go it alone in your classroom, especially after you've asked for support but you're not getting anywhere. When I was in upper primary for the first time, I was desperate for support in my literacy practice; I was in way over my head with the content, knowledge and was all too much! I felt like I was doing EVERYTHING but NOTHING was working to fit everything in and to be the best teacher for my students. I lacked the confidence to teach effectively, to impact my students' learning and to keep them engaged...but an Instructional Coach changed all of that for me.  

School Leaders, I know how challenging it is to consistently show up for your teachers because of the demands of your role…despite your best efforts- no matter how many timetable changes or opportunities for peer observations! I know how it feels to have the weight on your shoulders and have the buck stop with you when justifying expectations and achievements. That’s why I provide teachers with time, energy and resources to consistently improve their literacy practice and without constraints...even if you struggle to be there for them. 

I’ve been in the Independent and Catholic sector for over 13 years, as a Classroom Teacher, 5/6 Literacy Coach, Head of Curriculum, and Primary Years Programme Coordinator, and I’ve coached numerous teachers and students achieve literacy success.

No longer confusion without clarity.      

No longer planning without a purpose.       

No longer implementing without intention.



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The Instructional Literacy Coaching Experience is personalised, in-classroom instructional coaching for teachers to strengthen their literacy practice and build their capacity, impacting learning and increasing student literacy achievement. 

Amanda works with upper primary and lower secondary educators who want to teach with confidence, have clarity in their practice and who want to be consistent in delivering successful literacy outcomes. 



  • Uses a partnership approach to increase student literacy achievement by building teacher capacity

  • Takes the pressure off leaders to improve student outcomes through shared, collective efficacy

  • Embeds effective literacy strategies, inquiry-based models and coaching frameworks, such as G.R.O.Wand The Impact Cycle

  • Provides upper primary and lower secondary teachers with equitable professional learning

  • Establishes clarity and consistency in literacy practices, across and between year levels

  • Makes authentic and meaningful curriculum connections through inquiry-based and explicit learning experiences

  • Empowers teachers with time, energy, and resources- for them to succeed, and their students




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Strategy Session

Initially, school leaders, we’ll collaborate to gain an understanding of your school’s literacy context. We'll analyse data, delve into practices, discuss your approach to literacy and clarify literacy goals.

We’ll determine where best and most appropriate to allocate time, energy and resources for literacy achievement.


 Coaching Cycles


Every three weeks, I provide upper primary and lower secondary classroom teachers with 1:1, tailored support in their literacy practice.

This includes in-classroom modelling and observations, along with planning and reflection sessions.

  • 6 coaching cycles/semester

  • 12 coaching cycles/year


Support and Feedback


We embed effective inquiry-based models, literacy strategies and researched coaching frameworks, such as G.R.O.W and The Impact Cycle.

Ensuring authentic curriculum connections through inquiry and explicit learning experiences. Teachers receive a coaching booklet, resources and ongoing support between coaching cycles.


Closing Strategy Session


We’ll review the strategic coaching outline from our initial strategy session, and reflect on the teacher coaching experiences.

You’ll be empowered with clear next steps for achieving literacy success, ensuring confidence, clarity and consistency in your school’s future literacy direction.

it's time to finally support your teachers IN their classrooms

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"Highly recommended for any teachers who wish to improve their literacy teaching skills."

Karen Jebb, Principal

Emmaus College, Melbourne

This experience ISN'T the right fit if...

  • Your school’s learning approach isn’t multidimensional (Constructivist OR Structured) 


  • Teachers are in lower primary or upper secondary teachers (they already receive an abundance of PL!) 


  • You don’t want to invest the time, energy and resources into building teacher capacity and achieving          literacy success

  • You're not ready to try a partnership approach to improving literacy outcomes


  • You don't want your classroom teachers to feel confident, clear and consistent in their literacy practice


  • You, and your team, are closed-minded, scared to take risks, not reflective and want stay where you are

       (it’s the ex-PYPC in me!) 

This experience IS the right fit if...

  • Your school has a multidimensional approach to learning (Constructivist AND Structured) 


  • Classroom teachers are in upper primary or lower secondary 


  • You want to invest the time, energy and resources to significantly support and effectively empower classroom teachers

  • You're ready to try something different to grow your literacy results 


  • You want your teachers to feel confident, clear and consistent in your literacy practice 


  • You, and your team, are open-minded, reflective and risk-takers 

       (homage to the IB Learner Profile Attributes!)


Still curious?

Along with analysing student literacy data to set goals, we also focus on you

and your literacy practice.

Here's a snapshot:

teaching is hard, but supporting your teachers doesn't have to be

Wanting more customised literacy suppport? 

Let's discuss what we can do. 

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