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The Comprehension Coach
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The Comprehension Coach


 skills to teach, strategieto choose from


‘The Comprehension Coach’ is a series of instructional videos for classroom teachers who want to become their very own Comprehension Coach for their students. Here, you’ll learn theoretical comprehension skills to apply to your literacy practice, so students are better placed to make meaning and comprehend what they’re reading. Each comprehension video is accompanied by a student response (template) for instant download to take into your classroom and meaningfully embed these in your literacy practice.

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The Comprehension Coach is for teachers who:

  • Are motivated to support their students by explicitly modelling effective comprehension skills to deepen their understanding of texts

  • Want to ensure their students make meaning of what they read through direct, modelled, shared and independent examples

  • Have capable readers who are reading fluently and accurately (most of the time!) and are ready to extend their reading skills

  • Continually demonstrate visible, clear and explicit learning intentions and success criteria in all learning experiences so that students know what they're learning and why they're learning it

  • Are new to teaching comprehension strategies, teachers who are new to upper primary or lower secondary, and it's for teachers who want a meaningful way to teach these skills in context and with connections to other learning areas.

  • Need to save time locating and making resources to suit comprehension skills

What You’ll Learn 

Each video describes the purpose and theory of a comprehension skill and its importance. Visible learning intentions and success criteria are explicitly stated at the beginning of each clip, with the description of comprehension levels and reading frameworks. Modelled, scaffolded examples of each skill are practically worked through at a student level using the carefully constructed student responses (templates) which align with curriculum expectations.

What’s Included


Included Access: For just $99.00AUD you gain unlimited access to ALL TEN videos and accompanying templates. Time-saving, aligned resources designed to build your capacity and enhance comprehension skills in your students.

Bonus: Access: An additional FIVE BONUS videos and templates, valued at $100. These extra resources are our way of ensuring you have everything you need to excel in your classroom.




The Details 

In line with providing students with voice and choice, you too have the ability to decide which particular skill is most pressing for your students at any given time. This means you’ll be able to access all of the 15 videos and templates instantly at the time of purchase and work through them at your own pace. This series will be available for 6 months from the time of purchase. 

IfYou've Been Struggling With...

  • 'How do I teach comprehension skills?'

  • 'Where do I even start?' 'I'm new to teaching comprehension skills.'

  • 'How do I meaningfully embed these with our class mentor texts and independent texts?'

  • 'How do I differentiate comprehension for my students?'

  • 'Where do I find the time to align resources with curriculum expectations?'

And You Want to Understand...

  • More about how to teach comprehension skills explicitly, purposefully and meaningfully 

  • Identify evidence-informed theories and embed the practice,

  • Teach the skills with confidence and awareness

  • Differentiate the skills for the needs of your students

  • Save time looking for ways students can respond to texts by demonstrating their understanding

The Comprehension Coach is for you! 

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The Comprehension Coach


 skills to teach, strategies to choose from

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