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The Comprehension Coach


Welcome to this video series, and thank you for being here. I'm excited to be able to offer you this PL! I wanted to create something purposeful and intentional to help you impact the learning and engagement of your students, ensuring they're equipped with the necessary and appropriate skills as readers who are able to make meaning of texts and comprehend what they're reading. This videos series is for teachers who are new to teaching comprehension strategies, teachers who are new to upper primary or lower secondary, and it's for experienced teachers who want a meaningful way to teach these skills contextually. Let's not forget, they're time saving, adaptable and show evidence of students' learning. Each video describes the purpose and theory of a comprehension skill and its importance. Visible learning intentions and success criteria are explicitly stated at the beginning of each clip, with the description of the levels of comprehension and reading frameworks. Modelled, scaffolded examples of each skill are practically worked through at a student responses (PDF templates) which align with curriculum expectations. You have access to all of this for 6 months. You'll be added to the 'Community of Practice' (private group with participating teachers to engage and collaborate. I look forward to connecting with you! Amanda 😊




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The Comprehension Coach

The Comprehension Coach

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